Walls, Trim, Doors, Columns, Ceilings

Getting ready for the interior of your house to be painted is a daunting task and one that nobody likes. We will protect your belongings and ensure that this process is as easy and smooth as it can be for you. Our professionals will use drop cloths to cover all furniture, we take off all electrical outlet covers and remove anything that could potentially get in our way.

While we all know that color makes a room brighter, happier, cheerful, serious, comfortable or elegant, you will choose from a wide array of colors. If you are changing colors, some walls will require two coats to cover what was already there.
If you are staying with the same color, we will need the name and brand you used
so that we can best match it. When we are giving you the quote, we will discuss
with you what types of paint you should use in each room. This will be based on
the room location, if you will be washing the walls regularly (kitchen) and the
sunlight in the room.

We will discuss painting the trim and doors at the same time. While these usually last longer with the paint that is used, once the interior is done, your trim and doors will really show the wear and tear. This is completely based on the length of time and what it looks like. Your salesperson will discuss with you at the time of quoting.

At the end of each day, our crew will pick up all materials and remove them from your home. All trash will be taken with us and your furniture will be moved back and outlet covers replaced. When the job is completed, we will do a formal walk through with you to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the job.

We are licensed, insured and ready to give you a free estimate on all of your needs.